24 марта 2013 г.

Alice in Wonderland nail art~

Speedy post =D 

Yep, in English. I need more practice =)

It's been a long time when I saw this facinating nails and put the note in my mind that I rly need to did them, so it's finally here!

Alice in Wonderland nail art. Inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka's nails posted in Nail Up at January 2012. 
Speaking frankly, I've remade it on my own style, but the main idea is still here =D
Spending 30 minutes to draw it, I've sit for about one hour and try to dry them xD

I think my mum is gonna to kill me now~

So here is photo of this nail art.
I didn't have another yet...

Now my neck hurts and my table covered with splashes of nail polish, but I have fun~
See ya~

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